January 31, 2019


What are the advantages of seo over ppc (pay per click) for promoting your business online?

There has been a big shift away from search engine optimisation and seo services in the past few years. It could be argued that Google have intentionally eradicated consumer confidence in seo to generate more customers for their Google ads platform.

It makes sense for Google to shift attention away from seo and towards Google ads. Afterall they generate revenue every time someone clicks an ad. The more businesses competing for ad space the higher the price of advertising is. Which would explain why Google opted to only show 4 ads instead of the previous 7 or so in the sidebar.

But seo should not be forgotten. The benefits far outweigh that of pay per click (ppc) models like Google ads. And now is the best time to capitalize on the mass exodus we saw when a lot of businesses opted not to use seo as part of their strategy.

Benefits of seo

When your website is optimized properly it has a much higher chance of getting onto the first page of search results (and staying there). But the process can take many weeks (sometimes even years) to yield results.

Then, when Google make a change to the way websites are listed in results, you may see your ranking decrease substantially. But the opposite is true as well. A sudden change in search results may see your site rank higher.

More people click on the organic search results (the listings below the ads). Around 70-80% of search clicks occur in the top 5 listings. While only 4% will click on an advertised listing.

Seo is usually a more cost effective option when compared to ppc. Instead of paying for every click you're essentially paying for the service of optimizing your website.

Once your optimized site finally ranks on the search engines it will outperform ppx, cost less and generate better results.

Benefits of ppc

With a pay per click (ppc) platform like Google ads you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. When you stop paying for clicks you stop receiving traffic. The more competitive the keyword, the more it costs per click.

Pay per click can be activated within a few hours and paused or switched off at the click of a button. This makes ppc a very viable option for short term campaigns but may be an expensive option in the long term..

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