How to build more quality links to your website

January 31, 2019

How to build more quality links to your website

The first thing people will tell you about ranking well online is to generate more links to your website. Sounds easy right? Well, it is, but there's a little pitfall you may not be aware of...

It's not just about getting links from any source. You can pay someone a few dollars to give you a bunch of links or even use an automation tool. Problem is everyone else is doing the same thing and google works this out pretty fast.

These services provide links to what's being called "link farms". Websites that are setup purely to link to other websites. This is against Google's terms of service and they outright ban sites doing this. Meaning if you're website is listed on one of these sites you may find your rank drop in the next Google update (and drop fast!)

To build long term and sustainable links to your site you're going to need to put the leg work in. Find websites which compliment your business. Start with business listing sites within your area and industry. Then reach out to other websites which may have a legitimate reason to link to your site. Think of businesses who already use, supply or refer your services.

The key is to find websites that will provide links from pages that have a few criteria present:

Avoid Nofollow links

A no follow link won't boost your seo ranking. A nofollow link is a special piece of code that a webmaster puts into their site to tell Google they do not endorse the linked website. You will see this alot ok social media sites and blogs.

Always try to get links without the nofollow tag. Right click a website and click 'view source' then search for the term "nofollow" before you invest your time in getting a link.


Although officially no longer an important factor. The pagerank was previously used by Google to rank the reputation of a website. It was a simple number that could immediately tell you whether a website was in good standing with google (or bad standing!)

Now google use their own internal ranking system. The way sites are ranked is a very closely guarded secret, but you can find hints in search results. For example links from educational, government and news sites get better performance than those from a personal blog. It's all about the reputation of a site. The higher the reputation the better!

Quality over quantity

Don't spam your website all over the internet. If you pay for someone to build links for you, don't be tricked into getting as many links as you can. It's all about the quality of the websites linking to you. A single link from a reputable site is worth a hundred links from poorly performing sites. Focus your energy on finding the right mix.

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