Do google reviews effect my website ranking?

January 31, 2019

Do google reviews effect my website ranking?

A lot of people ask me whether reviews on their Google map listing impact their website position and rank on search engine results.

To answer this question we first need to define what results we're referring to. On any Google search there are a bunch of different areas your site can be listed. The main areas are: sponsored listings (top), map listings (middle of applicable) and the main search listings (known as organic listings).

Do google reviews impact my ppc or Google ads campaign?

Reviews on your Google map listing won't impact the placement of your ad listing. It's possible that Google may offer you a discounted placement if the keyword your targeting is relevant to your listing.

When setting up your ad listing on Google ads you can opt to pair your Google map listing. When successful this may show your review rating next to your ads. Although it may not impact the position of your ad, it can't certainly increase the click through rate (the number or people who see your ad and click it)

Do Google reviews impact my map listings?

Yes! When you're business has a premise in a capital city (or a populated region) your listing becomes much more prominent when you get more positive reviews. Interestingly Google seems to prioritize listings with some negative reviews (but mostly positive). This may be a signal that the reviews are legitimate and not paid for.

It's recommended that you seek reviews from your existing clients. Send them an email or sms asking to review you on google.

Do google reviews impact my organic search listings?

This is a bit trickier to answer. Officially Google haven't confirmed (or denied) whether this is the case. However your positive Google reviews could increase your standing in Google's algorithms. Which has the potential to impact your search engine ranking. Many times you see the Google map listing with the organic results listed below. Most of the time the listings displayed in the map are the same as the listings in the organic results. I guess it's a matter of what came first. Get customers focuses on building clients search engine presence online. We work with small to medium sized businesses to help attract the right type of customer to their business. For more information visit