Getting the right kind of customer is half the battle

January 31, 2019

Getting the right kind of customer is half the battle

There's no point getting bombarded with and endless supply of enquiries and leads from people who found your website but really have no need for your specific service. Or worse yet, they're out of your service area or price range.

So how can you attract the right to type of customer?

With keyword selection

When you research the keywords you're targeting it's all fine and good to target the keywords with the highest number of searches. When finding the right keywords you need to determine whether a keyword is used in the buying phase or research phase.

With LogoNow we found keywords like "logo design Melbourne" and "logo designer Melbourne" works best. As the business is Melbourne based it's able to hook into the core customer. But keywords like "top logo designs" may attract more visitors but perhaps not from someone looking at purchasing right this minute.

With the terminology used on your website

What you say, how you say it and what images are used have a massive impact on the types of customers you attract. When first starting out with web design I had a beach theme. Partly because I lived near the beach and partly because I wanted to stand out. A lot of customers told me they too love the beach and that's why they chose my services. We found these clients to be calm, understanding and consistent. At one stage we switched the design over to include abstract reds and oranges (somewhat like fire). We noticed an immediate change in the types of clients. Now they were aggressive, task oriented and head strong.

With a pre-qualification process

When someone enquiries on your website are they just entering information onto an enquiry field? Why not pre-qualify your clients with a series of. Gather as much information about the potential client so you can provide relevant information and be informed about what they're looking for. You can even automate the scripts to let visitors know whether the services they're looking for are part of your offering.

By prequalifying customers you can also provide pricing information online, based on their needs and requirements. If you can save yourself 70% of the time following up clients wouldn't it be worth it?