What's the best time to send an email marketing campaign?

February 2, 2019

What's the best time to send an email marketing campaign?

When you're scheduling your email marketing campaign you may be asking yourself what time you should send it out.

We recently worked on an email marketing nurture campaign for a client. A nurture campaign is like an email marketing campaign but dedicated to new enquires. You can set a series of emails to be sent over coming days, weeks and months. Firstly you need to work out what days you will send email campaigns then narrow down to time.

What is the best time of day to send email campaigns?

It all depends on your target market. We've noticed the best times to send emails are 10am, 11am and in the evening (8pm to midnight).

For decades the late morning schedule has worked well. You get the recipient just before their lunch break. The perfect time to ensure maximum engagement. Think about it for a moment. You're in the office getting through work and an email drops into your inbox. If it's something you're interested in you'll save it for your lunch break.

Send too early in the morning and you get mixed up with all the emails from overnight (not to mention all the new emails arriving in the morning).

In the afternoon people are already thinking about the end of the day, getting home to family and what they're eating for dinner. Engagement really drops in the afternoon.

The late evening stats surprised us. There has been a huge increase in engagement from email marketing campaigns sent in the late evening. So we delved a little further to find out what's going on.

It turns out most engagement in the evening was from mobile devices. It turns out we're all spending a lot of time on our phones going through emails in the evening.

What time is best for my business?

If the majority of your customers are in the office or check their email throughout the day, then the 10-11am schedule would work best.

If your customers are not on the computer all day then it's best to catch them in the evening between 8pm and midnight.

Try for yourself and see what works best

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