Tell your story, damnit!

January 31, 2019

Tell your story, damnit!

Working with businesses over the past 13 years I've found one thing that separates a good business from a GREAT BUSINESS

I talk with people every day about their ideas and discover so many amazing life stories and journeys

If you're starting a business or rebranding your existing business chances are you're the type of person who has overcome adversity, taken risks and gone against the grain to shape your life and discover your passions, dreams and aspirations

I've got a client in particular, a widowed mother making ends meet by creating the most amazing bouquets and flowers. These things are like nothing you have ever seen before.

Without her story she's selling on price and quality. That's ok, but it's superficial. You can get a bunch of flowers from Coles for a tenth of the price. Competing against that is a tough ask. That's why so many business owners drop their price to get more customers. You increase quantity and sometimes your quality can suffer. For what? There's no winner when you compete on price, it's a race to the bottom.

But the time, passion and care she puts into each arrangement is a work of art.

Take my favourite work of art as an example. The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

Anyone can paint a picture given enough time. The technical skills required are simple: get a brush, get a canvas and practice. Now you've just unlocked the secret process of every painting in existence. Those that sell for $100 and those that sell for $100 million.

What's the difference?

Sure, you may be attracted to one style of painting over another. Or prefer landscapes over abstract paintings. But have you ever noticed every great piece of art has an incredible story attached to it?

Take The Starry Night for example. Vincent Van Gogh painted 21 different versions of this painting (that we know of). All depicting the view from his asylum window. Some versions of the painting had iron-clad bars, others were of daylight. But this was the painting that told his story the best.

Vincent Van Gogh produced this painting while inside an asylum after cutting his ear off. He painted 21 different versions (that we know of) with different themes.

Can you imagine what turmoil was inside his mind? Can you imagine the only tool you have to express yourself is the paintbrush and canvas? If you were removed from society and placed in a 1800's asylum it would be easy to have your spirit crushed. It would be easy to give up. Out of this adversity came Vincent Van Goghs greatest masterpiece.

The harsh broad strokes the contrast between chaos and beauty. It connects you with his story.

Technically it's probably an "ok" painting. If it was painted today from someone unknown would it be worth as much as it is?

Of course not.

And it's the same with your passion in life.

Your story is your biggest asset. It's what connects people with you on a more personal level. It cuts through the superficial BS.

Your business is your greatest platform for telling your story. It can be combined with your logo, your website, your social media and your marketing.

In the past few days I've shared with you my story. Now, I want to share yours.