5 Sure-fire Tips for a Successful Service Launch

February 2, 2019

5 Sure-fire Tips for a Successful Service Launch

You may be launching a whole new business or simply adding some new services to your offering. Either way you're looking to get new customers signing up. After all, this is your big break, the thing you've been planning for weeks, maybe months or when years.

So how do you launch a new service? There's plenty of articles out there for launching new products. But launching a service is a little different. It's not like you can provide a discount code or setup a product launch where can people test your service. Here's the top 5 tips for launching a successful service offering:

5. Use Social media to your advantage

The fastest and easiest way to tell the world about your new service offering is through Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Followers have already used your services before and would be keen to learn more about your new services. As long as they're complimentary to what you currently do of course (if you providing cleaning services and now want to branch into private investigator services then it probably won't work)

4. Update your website pronto!

Get that website online with your new offering. This may be simply adding a new image to the front page and creating a new menu item. Or a whole redesign of your website may be in order.

Be sure to include relevant keywords on your website so people can find your new services when searching on Google. Check out our search engine optimisation section for more tips and hints.

3. Broadcast an email campaign

You've got a database of customers in your system already. Send an email blast out. Let customers know of your new services and link to your updated website for information. You'll be surprised how much extra work you pick up just reminding your customers you still exist.

2. Create an explainer video

An Explainer video can be used on your website, social media profiles and email campaigns. It's a great way to introduce your new services and engage with your customers. Make sure your Explainer video is future proof. That way you can continue to use the video to promote your service offering.

1. Go oldschool with flyers and pamphlets

If you provide a service where you're client facing (like cleaners, electricians, plumbers, etc) then it's good to have a flyer of pamphlet handy to give to all your upcoming clients.

They've used your existing services and they're primed to use other services you provide as well. A flyer can be as simple as a DL glossy print that provides an overview of your new service offering along with contact details. It's a little old school but it still gets results.

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